Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Birthday present

I received a birthday present from a dear friend of mine on Monday.
My b'day isn't until next week so this was unexpected.
When I opened it and saw the cute little owl I smiled...everyone nows I collect owls.
Then I read the verse and Just Knew I had to share my Present with everyone.

I hope you like it.

             I don't know about anyone else....but..I'm starting Dancing!!
Have a good week
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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  1. Oh, how sweet that is! I love owls and I love that quote! Yes, I'm going to start dance lessons, too! Thank you , Barb, for being one of my faithful followers! It makes me so happy to know you enjoy my blog!

  2. Glad you like your present.
    love Merle

  3. Me too - oops! nearly stepped on your toes then, lol!!
    I wish I did have the energy to dance today :-(
    Guess I'll just have to do it ALL on the inside for now.

    Love the card, Barb.
    It's just right for you :-)
    Good one, Merle!

    Thanks for linking up today.
    love you..Trish xx

  4. The present from your friend is a "hoot." It is truly wonderful when our friends know us so well that they know just what delights us. What a wonderful friend you have. We're experiencing Monsoon rains here in AZ will post some of the flooding pics on my blog. I'm Dancing in the Rain!