Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Craft Storage

I was looking to start some Christmas crafting yesterday and couldn't find things .... my cupboards were in a mess.
SO ...today I got in and straightened things out

I've gone from this..... .

...This is my cluttered storage area
I had bought some supplies and been given some other bits and pieces.....and just put them into this general area

 There are art supplies, lace,ribbons,wool and various other crafts stored behind the closed door with the picture hanging on it.

I have an obsession with keeping odd boxes and   and bubble wrap 'just in case' I might need them.

Well..they are all gone..and more!!!!

Now my Christmas supplies are neatly on the shelves..

I have straw and tissue paper in the pretty pink basket..

Craft books tidy..

Some of my wool and knitting projects in a box in the bookcase ...

I'm happy to open the cupboard door now.....


My little corner is still crowded...but I feel it is more usable the way it is now.

I have hung my embroidery hoops on the outside of the door with some crocheted chains to pretty up the space.

The cane hamper has wool in it and the basket on top holds my current projects. I just move these as needed.

Behind them is a blue sewing case and under that is my sewing machine.

My comfortable chair and table is in front of this area.

I have seen some beautiful craft rooms and work studios  when I have been Blog Hopping and I think it would be lovely to have the space to spread out and have everything you need in 'just the right place'......

Alas..I don't have that luxury......... So ..I settle for  a 'compact' and (sadly) cluttered corner.......
I have learnt to create in a little cozy nest!!!

Have a good week
God Bless

Barb from Australia

Friday, July 27, 2012

Little Helper

This is my great grandson Max helping his Mum with the shopping.
Here is Mr.Max with a loaf of bread in his shoulder bag and he wants more .....way to go Mr.Max
Now....... he's in the kitchen putting away the groceries...What a good helper you are Mr.Max!!

Max is a little out of focus because he was so busy he wouldn't stand still, and I didn't want posed photos. I wanted to capture his enthusiasm.
Thanks for visiting.....
Have a good week
Barb from Australia

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Garden Tour

I'm spending the weekend at a friend's house and she kindly said I could show you her small front garden.
Her husband designed this garden as a quiet tranquil place to relax in.

There are beautiful rocks, pebbles as ground cover and little bushes here and there.

A lovely fish pond surrounded by large rocks and boulders is the centre piece. The birds came in and took some of the fish ...so now the pond is netted to protect them.

                                                         I love this part of the garden

                            Little hidden rustic contemplation area and another lovely rock grouping

This whole garden is sunken and feels secluded even though it is in the front of the house with a street going past

                                            Light and statue by the pool and stepping stones

                                        More garden art under a bush with pebbles and rocks

Another shaded seating area with lighting so you can enjoy the evening watching the fish and relaxing

I think this garden is charming and relaxing. It has a feeling of peace and tranquility about it.

Hope you enjoyed visiting,
Have a good week
Barb from Australia

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lunch with K & K

Hello ,
I had a lovely birthday week.
Thank You ..to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes.
A special Thank You to my sister Trish for spreading the word..... I had a ball receiving messages.

On Saturday, Mum,Hubby and I went to our son and d-i-l's place for a quiet lunch.
We had freshly baked,home made Lasagne and salad.......it was soo tasty

They had put up balloons and a banner ........to be used again for Hubby's 70th in November.

Decorated the table......using two party favours from one of our children's b-day party about 30 years ago.

 Mum bought my favourite Pecan Danish for dessert..........
Here is Mum and D-i-l ..and Son and Hubby enjoying their lunch

We had Hibiscus flowers in syrup in our Lemonade/Sprite ...very different!

And...I was given ...The Anne of Green Gables  Cook Book  and two more books for one of my series

Birthday...Officially Over
Thanks for sharing it with me

Have a good week
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

70 Today + 2yr blogging

Hello,.....It's the 10th of July....Today is my Birthday...I'm now 70 years old !
I suppose this officially makes me an Old Lady .......
Well.....in this day and age I feel that 70 is the new 60...and ...if people expect me to 'act old' the're in for a suprise........
I still plan to be a little outrageous !!!
Wearing bright colours

...big patterns...

...a bit of twinkle..
BIG ...Colourfull Neckaces like this...
and  this

Hair Bling
 Well ......you get the idea..I hope........In other words ..Nothing Will Change........

I'll be the happiest,brightest and youngest ( :0 ) Great-Nanny in Australia........hahahaha...

Two years ago today ...10th July, 2010.....I gave myself  this blog for my birthday..
I have thoroughly enjoyed the help and friendship I've been given over this time.
(I'm slowly getting the hang of blogging....and aim to be around for a long time)

Have a good week
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Sad Jumper

One of my grand-daughters had a sad accident with her favourite jumper.
The thread joining the neck band to the body of the jumper caught and broke...then one shoulder started to unravel.
I've been asked to try and repair the jumper.
Big Job!!!
The only thing I've done so far is to catch all the dropped stitches with little gold pins so no more damage is done.
I think if I can successfully restore her jumper to be wearable again, I will have earned my "Nanny Stripes'

Wish me luck
I'll keep you posted
Barb from Australia

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Birthday present

I received a birthday present from a dear friend of mine on Monday.
My b'day isn't until next week so this was unexpected.
When I opened it and saw the cute little owl I smiled...everyone nows I collect owls.
Then I read the verse and Just Knew I had to share my Present with everyone.

I hope you like it.

             I don't know about anyone else....but..I'm starting Dancing Lessons....like...now!!
Have a good week
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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