Friday, June 8, 2012

Worry and waiting

It's just after 5am in Sydney.
Alot has happened in the last 12 hours........

My eldest daughter and her family have been sick for the last week or so and they were due to fly out to Italy on Sat. morning.
Yesterday (thursday) her 10yo daughter became really ill and couldn't keep anything down.She started to dehydrate and her eyes started to swell. She was rushed to hospital and put on multiple antibiotics and  rehydrating drips. She has 'orbital celluitis' caused by infected sinisus.She will need to be in hospital for a few days at least. My daughter is spending the night at the hospital with her..

At 3.15am this morning (friday) we got a call from our grandson asking if we could come over and stay with the two little ones while he went to the hospital ......his wife was in labour with baby no.3.
Baby is 3 weeks early.... which is fantastic. Her last baby was 7 weeks early. We have been on standby for the last month or more. Hubby and I have been child minding and taking the d-i-l for twice weekly hospital visits for the last 6 weeks.

So we have two people in two different hospitals...

It is just after 8am and I'm happy to report that my grand-daughter is responding to the antibiotics


My d-i-l had a baby boy abou an hour ago.....

so.... good news all round


bye for now
Barb from Australia


  1. Hope everything goes well glad the little baby has arrived and Amy is on the mend.
    LOVE to all

  2. I hope your good news continues! That must've been really scarey to have the family sick and your granddaughter rushed to the hospital! Congrats on your new baby boy for your grandson. You are richly blessed. love,andrea

    1. Yes it was scary, and ,yes I an blessed. thanks Barb xxx

  3. Hi! I admire you for being a very good daughter to your 95 year old mum, she looks fabulous for a 95. I salute you as well for giving an enormous support to your children who now have their own families. Of course, I should say that you are so blessed to have a good husband, who's always there beside you.

    1. thank you for your kind words ...Barb xxx

  4. Congratulations on that new great grandson! I am happy to hear that your granddaughter is now doing well on antibiotics. I am amazed at the complications of sinus infections?? Wow! Glad all are improving and that you are there to be such a help in their time of need. Bless you Barb!

    1. Thanks Gen, but it was a team effort.