Friday, June 1, 2012

Not a good week.

Just a short post today.
I'm slowed down by bronchitis at the moment and Hubby is doing extra duties.
He took our daughter to help with minding the g-g-children while he did the hospital check up run twice this week.
He has been cooking and taking me to the doctors.
He still found time to re-finish a dining table for the grandson.

A Big  Thank You to my Hubby... and I'm sure I'll be on the improve soon.

Have a good week,
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Joining with Sarah at  homemaker link-up weekend


  1. I hope your health improves! Thank God for your husband, so nice. love,andrea

  2. A good hubby is such a blessing.
    K has always been happy to help out if he can.
    Good on you, brother-in-law!

    Well, it's a grey rainy morning here.
    Good for reading or knitting..but not much else.
    Except maybe eating :-)

    I hope you and K and Mum are keeping nice and warm, Barb.
    Has your voice improved since we talked on the phone?
    As Dad would say "take it easy!"

    love you lots..Trish xx

  3. Hope you're feeling better. Your husband sounds like a keeper!

  4. Hi Barb. I had bronchitis once, and fear every time a cold is bad or lingers on and on that I'll get it again. I really hope you feel better soon. Sounds like your husband is taking very good care of you, which I'm sure will aid in a speedy recovery!

  5. Hi Barb! Hope things are looking up around your place this week! Your husband did a beautiful job on that table!

    Thanks for linking up!