Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Week

This week was a buzy one.
My grandson  and his wife had their third child.... a baby boy called Tobey..he was a few weeks premmie but is doing well.

My 10yr old Grandaughter  became ill and developed orbital cellulitis and ended up in hospital. her was badly swollen and she needed an eye specialist.......she is recovering  and going home on Tuesday.

My Mother  had over 24hrs of a severe gastric attack.....I was was worried about dehydration and was ready to take her to hospital when the attack stopped. Mum was, and still is, weak from this but has started to eat normally.She is playing yahtzee again.

Thank you Lord for answering all our prayers this week and looking after my family.

Barb from Australia

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  1. Dear Barb! So many things to be thankful for in your life! Bless you with your new grandbaby and the provision of the Lord in bringing health and wholeness to your beautiful grand-daughter and mum! God is so good! Always much to celebrate!

  2. Amen Barb! Thank you, dear Lord!!
    What a wild week it's been for everyone :-o
    The new baby pic is really cute.
    I love the name "Tobey" - a good old-fashioned manly name!
    I reckon Dad would approve of it, too :-)
    Thanks for linking up, Barb.
    love you xx

  3. I glad everyone is on the mend and you are getting back to normal.
    love Merle.

  4. Oh Barb, you've had quite a week. So happy all is well. Thanks for your visits to my blog. Always lovely to know you've stopped by and commented, too. Take care and have a good Wednesday! Susan