Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hi Ho...Hi Ho......Off to Italy They Go

I'm happy to report that my eldest Daughter and her family finally departed for Italy today.

They were running late this morning and I was having a quiet panic attack.......
We had a few things that needed to be done when they arrived and time was running out.

The plane was leaving at 2pm and they needed to be at the airport about 12noon........

.Weeeellll........ they arrived here at 11.35am  and we all swung into rush mode
I replaced a missing link .. (not to be confused with 'The Missing Link')  on my Daughter's necklace
Hubby repaired a pair of sunnies
My Daughter did some document printing
while Her Daughter cooked some crumpets
and our Son-in-law unloaded washing for me to do while they are away.  The pump on their machine blew up the other day.
It was all done in 15minutes..............I was amazed how everyone co-operated and achieved so much in such a short time.

Hubby went with then to the airport so he could drive their car back here.
They arrived at the airport and were checking in at 12.15pm.......

I was so relieved when I got a call telling me they were all checked in and excited..
It was all happening
A week later than planned due to our grand-daughter being sick in hospital
It was happening

Big happy smiles from everyone.....Especially my Grand-daughter..her eye is almost back to normal

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Have a good week everyone
God Bless
Barb from Australia

June  18
the second day in Italy their hire-car was broken into and all their luggage was stolen!
Luckily, they had their passports,money and cameras on them.......the thieves only got their clothes.
BUT... buying clothes was not in the budget.  What an adventure they are having.


  1. At last!
    I'm so glad Abbey was well enough to travel!
    Looks like B was eating his crumpet on the run, lol!
    Praying for their trip to be lots of fun for all of them and very safe.
    They'll probably be back home before we know it!
    love..Trish xx

  2. Italy in summer..they must be seeing such pretty places over there!
    Can't wait to see their pics :-)
    Praying all goes smoothly for them(especially from now on).
    What an adventure, eh?!!
    Thanks for linking up, Barb.
    lots of {{{love and hugs}}}..Trish xx

  3. Glad they got away it was looking a bit dicey for a while hope all the problems are behind them and they have a great time.
    love Merle.....

  4. Wow - everyone I know is going to Europe - England, mostly, and we also have a missionary team in Italy now from our church - and a large touring trip to Italy planned for the fall. I prefer the British Isles if I could go somewhere. Glad they got on their way - bon voyage!