Saturday, June 30, 2012

Amazing plant

My brother gave Mum a flower arrangement  for Mother's Day, 7 weeks ago.
In the center was this lovely mauve coloured stem of ornamental Kale.
It was quite large and very pretty.

Over the next 2 weeks the flowers slowly died......
all except the Kale.
7 weeks later it is still has lost a few leaves....but it is still alive and still looks lovely.

I think this is an amazing plant.....this purple-green variety is ornamental and used for floral display.
Most varieties of kale are used for cattle fodder. The curled leaf forms,curled kale or Scotch kale are used in cooking or salads. Kale is a loose-leaved form of cabbage and is also known as borecole.

I'm curious to see how long it lasts in a vase.

Have a good week
God Bless
Barb from Australia


  1. Can you eat it.
    see you Monday love Merle.

    1. Not this variety, but there are edible varities. See you Monday. Barb xxx

  2. Sorry to be so late commenting, Barb.
    Computer woes aplenty this week :-(
    I love ornamental kale!
    The colours they come in are so varied and pretty.
    I never knew they lasted so long though.
    They usually cost a lot to buy in a bunch here, but if you can get 2 months out of them, then it's not really too expensive after all!!
    My favourite is the white with just a tinge of green along the edges.
    love you..Trish xx