Friday, May 25, 2012

A bit of Babbling

Hello all,
I starting to reluctantly accept the concept of getting old.
I think this is sad.
I didn't really spend much time thinking about this actually happening to me.
I planned hobbies for when I got older...I have all the kits for cross stitch, long stitch,wool for knitting, pencils and sketch books......and  crossword books stockpiled. I bought all this when I was working.
BUT OLD.........
That is a long way off......I still have plenty of time to do all these things....BUT HAVE I?????

I will be 70 in July and I find I'm starting to share arthritis stories with Mum who is 95......
I do a bit of housework,  and I'm looking forward to sitting down and playing Yahtzee with Mum while we have lunch....I need the break.
I still enjoy sewing Mum's knitted squares together.....But my hands do hurt a bit.
I find shopping malls TOO noisy and crowded......and I'm a shopaholic!!!
When I cross stitch I need magnifying glasses over my prescription glasses

I'm happy to get older....

Have a good week, everybody
God Bless
Barb from Australia


  1. Thank you for visiting Me and leaving a comment.I'm glad you enjoyed My bridal post.You have better than a good chance for living a very long time, considering your Mothers long life.How blessed you both are to have each other.Wonderful!I hope for you and your husband a healthy happy year,so when your 50th comes around you can have a big (or small) shindig.God continue to bless you-Hugs Denise

  2. Hi Barb. I've heard that the reason it is hard to accept growing old, is that our souls are always young, and that is why it is hard for us to realize.

    I think growing old is such a mystery. When I was young, I really believed I was always going to be young. But, God has us starting out so helpless, and that is how we will end, if we do go onto being very old! love,andrea

  3. Amen on your thoughts about aging. I am five years behind you and am feeling the same! While mourning the things I use to be able to do, I am thankful for the few things that I still can do. Activity has slowed down a bit but love getting to just sit and chat with my hubby and other friends, and to sit a bit on the back patio and enjoy God's creation, and especially having more quiet time to spend in God's amazing Word. Loved your thoughts today! Have a blessed week, Barb!

  4. Sometimes I think back to all I was able to do without even taking a breather and I'm dumbfounded. Then I think, now how did I get to be so old? I'm in my fifties and the malls are too noisy for me too! Have a nice weekend, Barb, hope you get a Yahtzee!

  5. Oh Barb you are not old remember we went to France last year that was a busy month we are not old just relaxed. See you Monday.
    Love Merle..

  6. It's a shock sometimes to realise how our years are speeding by!
    As long as we find something to be passionate about we'll always be young at heart..and that's what matters most :-) age so well Barb you have nothing to worry about at all!
    love and hugs..Trish xx

  7. Hello Barb...I'm like you. Do NOT like thinking about getting old. There are moments when I FEEL older, that's for sure, but by gosh, I'm going to squeeze as much as I can out of every second of life. ha! Take care and Barb, thanks for always visiting my blog and commenting. Susan

  8. My mother and Dad live in Victoria and are 86 and 84 and they seem young to me. Dad still drives, and mother talks to me on skype a lot. But it is strange to be talking with them about "old" problems. And what is even more peculiar is to see so many people on old age pensions whose parents are also on old age pensions!!!