Friday, May 25, 2012

A bit of Babbling

Hello all,
I starting to reluctantly accept the concept of getting old.
I think this is sad.
I didn't really spend much time thinking about this actually happening to me.
I planned hobbies for when I got older...I have all the kits for cross stitch, long stitch,wool for knitting, pencils and sketch books......and  crossword books stockpiled. I bought all this when I was working.
BUT OLD.........
That is a long way off......I still have plenty of time to do all these things....BUT HAVE I?????

I will be 70 in July and I find I'm starting to share arthritis stories with Mum who is 95......
I do a bit of housework,  and I'm looking forward to sitting down and playing Yahtzee with Mum while we have lunch....I need the break.
I still enjoy sewing Mum's knitted squares together.....But my hands do hurt a bit.
I find shopping malls TOO noisy and crowded......and I'm a shopaholic!!!
When I cross stitch I need magnifying glasses over my prescription glasses

I'm happy to get older....

Have a good week, everybody
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Week

Hello,Barb here,
 My sister,G, came for a week to be with Mum for Mother's was a lovely visit. We played lots of Yahtzee and did a lot of talking. We went to Bingo and won 2 trays of meat. Mum was happy and the steak  was very tender. We sat outside and admired my bonsais in their new Bonsai House.....

Bonsai hous

My sister  permed and set Mum's hair
Mum is 95 and fabulous

My sister gave Mum this lovely Cyclamen

My Hubby bought and planted thsese for me

Hubby and I contined our twice weekley "baby sitting and hospital visits" patrol to the grandson's house.

Master  17mths .....all tired out

Miss three.....flying

  A cardboard box with balls in it ........
Wonderful  fun

My  dog Kyton and his bone

We pass this poor falling down derelict house on the way to
our Grandson's house. I wonder about the people who might
have lived here...I hope they had happy times
I hope everyone had a good couple of weeks and I'll post again soon.......joining Sarah at Homemakers link-up Weekend
God Bless
Barb from Australia  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Home

This week has been a buzy and happy one for hubby and me.
Buzy ... because ahubby is still taking our grandsons's wife to hospital chech-ups twice a week while I baby sit their two little ones. So far this pregnancy is going well despite the bloodclots in the placenta, and I believe this is due to Prayer. Thank You all.
Happy......beause we have also spent this week helping our grandson move his family into their first home. They are renting and it is the first time they have been able to afford to live on their own. There were family from our side and her side helping with this move. We all want them settled before the baby is born.Family support is wonderful!!!

Here is my grandson and his fmily waving goodbye
to us as we left them last night. The beds were all
 made up and there was food in the cupboards and fridge.
This move was done in one day.
They just need to unpack and put away their clothes.

The power of family support is wonderful.

Have a good week,
God Bless
Barb from Australia

joining Sarah at  Homemakers link-up weekend