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Hello there,
Hope you had a good week.. Hubby and I have been buzy helping our g-daughter -in-law with childminding and taking her for extra hospital visits.. She is expecting her third baby and has some small blood clots in her placenta. Her second baby was born very premmie. His mane is Max...some might remember I asked for prayers for him. He is doing fine.. a healthy toddler.  The doctors are monitoring  our mum-to -be very closely as the clots could  cause another premature birth. We are all praying this doesn't happen.......

Actually ... this post is to show off the computer book I made for myself.
I can't rely on my memory and I was accumulating notes in no particular order, some on bits of paper.
This was not working for me so I decided to put everything in one book.

\My book with photo of my computer/office corner on cover
I (roughly) cut sections headings out on the page tops

I have started writing notes directly into the book

I also have taped some loose notes directly into book loose bits floating around any more

now I feel organised and can have ideas at my fingertips

I would like to ask a couple of questions about making comments...................Is there a guide to how many (approx) posts in a link-up I should comment on..I've been trying to visit everybody........and I also read what other people have said and try to say something different.  The other thing  is my blog list...I like to visit these blogs regularly and leave comments, but I feel if I don't visit everybody  on the same day..I might seem like I'm not interested in their posts.......... .BUT ......I run out of time.
.I realise I'm probably worrying too much over these  things, but I'm unsure what to do........

Thanks for your patience  
God Bless
Barb from Australia

joining with Sarah at    Homemakers link-up Weekend
ith Sarah                                                                                                                                          


  1. Hi Barb! I like your organizing idea...looks great! Concerning how many posts to comment on in a link up: you really just can't comment on every single one! I try and comment on four or five---more depending on how regularly I link up with that particular party. Often times, I'll start at the middle or end of the list so that I'm visiting some different blogs and maybe commenting on ones that others have passed up if they start at the beginning of the list. As for visiting those on your blog list, I do the same thing as above...I visit some people regularly and rotate between the others. Basically, I just pick ones that sound interesting or people that I haven't visited in a while. One thing I always do is visit the people who visit me. If someone leaves a comment on one of my posts, I save that notification in my email until I've gone back to visit and comment on them. Then I delete the email. I always visit those who visit me!

    Hope you're having a lovely day/night! It's 3 am here and I wish I was sleeping...but I went to bed early and my husband just came to bed after finishing college work for the night. He woke me up coming to bed and now I can't sleep! :)


    1. Thanks Sarah. I feel better after reading what you've said. I will stop stressing and enjoy visiting.
      I'm glad you liked my little book.
      God Bless