Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Ladies

Hello, I'd like to introduce you to my sweet ladies ..... they are all special to me.
I don't have a hen collection...I'm happy with just these three.

This is a serving dish my son bought my many years ago...
I love the delicate pink of the glass and the detail
in the moulding.
He got this about 15 years ago and was told then it was vintage

One of my sisters got me this little hen when all my kids
were at school and I was childminding to bring in some
extra money.  She told me the hen reminded her of me...
I had the same expression on MY face.....buzy times then.

This little lady is a Happy Hen from New Zealand, and was
given to me by my friend of 40 years. Our children
grew up together.

My Three Special Ladies
They always make me smile....
The pink glass one lives in my china cabnet..
and the other two live in my kitchen where
I see them every day....

Have a good week, everyone
God Bless
Barb from Australia

joining with  Trish  at  Simply Sweet!

and with  Sarah  at  Homemaking Link-up Weekend


  1. Hello Barb I had forgotten about the happy hen I have 3 now. I always put them in the kitchen when the Webbers come over they are there now but usually I move then into the other room because the get very sticky in my kitchen even though we have 3doors and 2windosws. Angus is visiting now Shara & Andy are in Japan well not yet they left this morning.
    See you tomorrow love Merle........

  2. These are adorable, Barb! Thanks for linking up!


  3. I love them all!
    The vintage glass hen is very special but my favourite is the one with the big eyes.
    She reminds me of my favourite "dizzy" chook from the movie, Chicken Run.
    Always makes me giggle!
    Thanks for linking up, Barb.
    Love..Trish xx

  4. Hi, I love the vintage rose glass nesting hen your son got you. I used to have one years ago, but no longer have it. Have a happy week! Theresa