Thursday, March 29, 2012

Choko Bonanza

Our choko vines are going crazy in this mild weather !!!!!

I am trying to cook and freeze as much as I can .......we can't eat them fast enough.

Soooo, it's soup and pie fillings for the winter. I plan to make some jam with them as well....should make nice presents.

Choko,leek,potato and orange sweet potato soup
Choko,apple,pear,peach and necterine custard

Part of the the little tendrels
Getting ready to cook
I peel the chokos under running water so hands don't go slimy

In the pot .....peeled an chopped ....I cooked some
choko in a seperate pot for the dessert
Now the leek all washed and chopped

the same for the potatoes

all cooking nicely........  scooped out veges when cooked  and
munced them until not quite smooth then put the mixture back into
the cooking water......this is when you decide how thick or thin you
want your soup to and freeze
I munched the choko I'd cooked on its own
then added pears, apples peaches sugar and ginger
you can use any fruit and spices you want
I cooked this until soft
 I munched this mixture

then added custard powder mixed with cold water

to the fruit mixture..... stirring until beautiful and thick

soup can be as thick as you want..add seasonings
fruit custard is lovely with yoghurt,ice cream or plain custard.

         We really enoyed our soup and custard....easy  to make.      Now for some jam making.

Bye for now

God Bless
Barb from Australia

joining with Trish Simply Sweet!       and Sarah at Homemaking link-up weekend


  1. Bravo - well done, Barb!!
    Your soup and fruit custard look delicious!
    I'd like to sample them next time I'm down there :-)
    You have a choko glut and we're buried in tomatoes, lol!
    It's nice to have an abundance of something isn't it?!
    I always have to wear rubber gloves to peel raw chokos - my skin is VERY sensitive to them.
    Thanks for taking us through the stages with your great photo tutorial.
    And thanks for linking up :-)
    love and hugs ..Trish xoxo

  2. How interesting, Barb. I have never heard of chokos. What is it...a fruit or vegetable?

    1. Hi Gen,
      It's a vegetable. It's from central america originally....but it grows anywhere where there is no frosts.It is called Chayote...but we call it choko..Its a very vigorous vine.Choko takes on the flavour of whatever it's cooked with...but we like it plain with pepper and salt.

  3. This is a really neat article, Barb! Most interesting since I've never heard of Choko, and I've never cooked with most of the ingredients that you used! Thanks for the great info!

    Have a great night!