Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bonsai fun

I spent some time in the garden today.
It was a nice sunny day and I wanted to get some weeding done while it wasn't raining.

I started tidying up my bonsais...Now I'm not the best gardener around...and the original bonsai plants I had ..Died. So now I bonsai  my way.

A Fig Tree roll..the base of the circle has roots   

This is an Ochna(micky mouse) growing through the hole in a rock
my brother brought back from  Jordan for me

this is a Morton Bay fig tree leaning on a rock
I keep it short so it gets a thick trunk

this is a Banyan Fig (mangrove) growing
over a pile of river stones

This fig tree is what we call a rubber tree
This Bonsai is growing against a piece of concrete

I hope you like my 'take' on traditional Bonsai growing.
All but the Fig Roll will develop into 'proper ' bonsais in about
10 years.

Have a good week..........
God Bless
Barb from Australia

joining Trish at Simply Sweet!


  1. Hi Barb as long as it lives it's doing ok that my way of facing any garden. Merle

  2. Love them all, Barb.
    Each one is lovely and unique.
    But the Fig Tree Roll is my favourite!
    The last one looks like it's dancing, lol!
    You always did have a special touch with bonsai :-)
    Thanks for linking up.
    Big {{hugs}} and lots of love..Trish