Saturday, January 21, 2012

Odds and Ends

I wanted to show some of the things I have aquired over the years.I had a large collection of vintage things that was slowly taking over my house ... so ..I sold some. I couldn't part with these pieces. There are no markings on the bases of thes pieces..... but I love them anyway.

I love the colours on this juicer

small plate on a bakerlite stand

detail of pattern on's cracked ..but I love it

Ilike the solid handle and the colourful fruit

This is the sweetest little juicer

looks like Spring

The three feeding cups are are a little unusual
BUT...... the Mustache Cup in the front
is my's well used,there are
only  little specks of gold and colour left.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my odds an ends

God Bless
Barb from Australia

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  1. Some beautiful pieces there Barb, I especially like the juicer, I have never seen one like that. You are very lucky to have such a collection. I collect vintage goodies too :)

  2. I know those mustache cups are a collectors item. So you were smart to hold onto them. I love the juicers. I might have to look for one next antiquing day as I dont own one. Thanks for sharing your lovely pieces..
    Enjoy time...

  3. They are all wonderful pieces, Barb!
    I remember some of them but don't think I've seen all those feeding cups before.
    I love the soft vintage colours of the juicers and plate - very sweet and pretty!
    xox Trish