Thursday, January 12, 2012

hubby's shed

on the job
 Hello, it's Barb here and I'd like to share some of my Hubby's Shed / Workshop areawith you today.

Here he is writing details of another project on his blackboard..he lets the Grand kids draw on the other side........they love it 


belt sander

He taught me how to use the sander when I was making some pendants

band saw

I wanted to cut lenses from sunglasses into pieces, so he graciously gave me lessons on the band saw
small pieces of wood

This is some of the smaller branches he has put aside for making tea light candle holders

The Wood Lathe

This is his pride and joy ... The Wood Lathe.....
This is a serious piece of equipment!!
Hubbs only started wood turning after we retired.
It was a dream come true for him

A lovely bowl,  and .....

One of his pieces that he kept at home .

He gives most of his pieces to friends and family
as Christmas presents.

.a fruit bowl.

God Bless
Barb from Australia

Joing Trish at LACE

This is my favourite piece he has made.
I love the colour and the irregularaties in the wood.  There never could be another one the same ... it's unique!!!

Hubby won a prize in our local craft show for each of these pieces..

I'm very proud of his work ... and him.


  1. Hubby lets you in his shed..
    I am amazed my hubby usually locks the door behind him.. usually to keep the kids from nosing around in his stuff and to stop him from finding his shed out on the lawn.
    Neil used to dabble around with a wood lathe too for a little while but it was a passing phase.
    It is amazing what they have stored out there isn't it. Good on you for using his tools.
    blessings to you

    1. Thanks for visiting,Nell.Hope your back improves.
      It is amazing what ends up in sheds.Kevin has a fridge and microwave in his.....both working.
      Hugs to all

  2. He makes beautiful objects!
    I've always loved that fruit bowl too!
    The look and feel of turned wood is so soothing and peaceful to me :-)
    You and hubby are both clever, creative people Barb, and should be proud of each other's wonderful creations.
    It's great that he is willing to share his tools with you :-)
    love and hugs..Trish

    1. Thanks Trish,you're always so encouraging. I don't know where this reply option came from... it's new.
      Hugs to you

  3. Hi again Barb,
    WOW! Now that is a bowl! I wish you were near so he could be featured in our local craft fairs. I know you love Christmas, as do I. Wouldn't a bowl like that be so GORGEOUS filled with lush evergreens and shiny red apples for the holidays?! It's amazing to think that he began his craft just after retirement. He is a natural. Maybe he'll fashion you an entire set of tableware for next Christmas!
    Sweet wishes,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

    1. Hello Linda,
      thanks....he is clever.His brother is a wood worker runs in the family
      God Bless