Monday, January 9, 2012

how does my garden grow?

Hello everybody,
After the rains we have had so far this Summer in Aussie, and then a few days of heat and humidity, I thought I'd check out the side garden,
WELL...   did I get a suprise ...... it was a jungle!!
The plumbago hedge has started to eat the path and the freckle plant has gone feral and there are little freckles growing everywhere
Little ferns are popping up in some of my pots...this makes me happy.
BUT... the fastest growing plant is's tall and it's everywhere!!!!!!
This is my fault because I never totally weed out the grass because I put  it in the aviary for our  birds....they love the fresh grass and especially like the soft grass seed heads.
ALSO... there are lots of Spiders enjoying the jungle.
Come and see..................

lovely and lush .. a bit too lush

our three birds will never eat all this grass

mrs.freckle plant........

and all the little freckles...

daddy long legs
Garden spider
More freckles!!
Net casting Spider

I will evict the livestock and bring some order to this little section my jungle........
Then I'll tackle the next section...............
I'll keep you posted....

God Bless
Barb from Australia

linking with Trish at   Simply Sweet!


  1. Luscious Barb, is the word that comes to my mind when I see your beautiful place :)

  2. Ah yes..the rain! You're not the only one with a 'jungle' right now, lol!
    You know something? I rather like the look of the little freckle plants lining your path :-)
    But I guess they could takeover a bit too much.
    Your plumbago always looks lovely, Barb! Especially covered in those beautiful blue flowers.
    I wish I could grow it in our zone, but it doesn't cope with the snow and frosts here :-(
    As for the 'livestock' - I wouldn't want to walk into one of them {{shudder}}!!
    Thanks for linking up to Simply Sweet!
    Love and hugs..Trish

  3. Love your weathered bench with freckles! Lovely, lush, side garden. Is that a type of vine on the left in the first photo...I like it!

  4. It's a beautiful garden! I love the (messy) look, it says 'romantic'.
    Blessings, Deanna