Thursday, January 5, 2012

Don't throw the cards away

I'm always sorry when the pretty christmas cards are taken down never to be seen again.
I like to recycle so I give my cards to the card recycle centre or to the after school  care centres for craft use. This year I need to make some boxes for home as the ones I made years ago with my kids are starting to look a little worse for wear,so I thought I'd share the 'how to' with everyone.

things you will need

separate front and back of card and you need to measure squares three across and four down centre of card

you can cut away excess

or can cut each line in from the sides keeping the centre row un-cut then fold on the lines
using the sticky tape ...form the box leaving one end open

if you do the cut away version you will have this shape..again, fold on the lines to shape box

sticky tape as you go leaving one end open

a loop of ribbon , wool etc inside box for hanging

seal the end.... and you're ready for hanging

I love these little boxes

you can use the back of the cards to make plain boxes and put seasonal / animal / floral stickers on the sides
boxes from small cards and larger boxes from larger cards
use birthday  or easter cards
anything goes
have fun

Wishing everyone a wonderful  2012
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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  1. Another great idea, Barb!!
    I love the way the little festive boxes look.
    Clever and very cute!
    What a good project for school holidays.
    Thanks for linking up today :-)