Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ruens and Honfleur

fishing village of Ruens


the beach and boardwalk at Honfleur   it was windy and cold  4pm   looking at the English channel

Friday, September 23, 2011



toll gates


st..joan of  arc in orleons where she was put to death

sign at the place where she was martyred

town lock in orleons

everywhere was cobblestones....hard on your feet

another church

Everything is decorated and ornate...even the houses... and flowers everywhere

Lots of Love
Barbara and Merle

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monet's house and gardens

beautiful and restful
no intreior photos allowed
Barbara And Merle

orientation / or what day is it??

We left on friday 9th Sept.
stayed in Seoul Fri night       Left Seoul for Paris on Sat 10th Sept at 4pm
Arrived in Paris on Sat night at 9.20pm after flying for 11hours.....]

Spent Sun 11th sleeping ..repacking....finding somewhere to eat ....meeting the tour people.
Monday 12th toSat 18th we on tour.....
That tour is what I'm blogging about now as we were SOOOO exhausted while on tour that I didn't open the blog.......we had wake-up calls at 6  6-30 am   most days and by the time we had tea each night we just fell in to bed.

At the moment we have 2 1/2 days of our free time left..     we are staying in Montmartre and have eaten, walked and talked with the locals.Good Fun!!!  Everyone is v.nice and friendly....we visited Sacre Coeur, the Artists Square,taken photos of the Moulin Rouge,been to Montmartre cemetery,been to the local supermarket and far we have walked everywhere during this free time.
Today we are venturing further afield and are aiming for Galleries Lafayette a shoping complex that is the next most visited place in Paris after the Louvre.....

Bye for now
Lots of love
Barbara and Merle

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paris 3

The main foyer at the Louvre with the upside down glass pyramid
The Venus de Milo

Was tring for the Mona Lisa....but TOO many people so I took  a photo of this painting of the Virgin Mary with Jesus and John the Baptist


Napoleon and Josephine's appartment   ... Sitting Room

Formal Dining Room


End of visit and we were SOOO glad to find a chair. I think I was more exausted than Merle and I wouldnt have my photo taken. Merle is the lady with the Halo...we were both glad we did the Louvre, but never again.....Too hot....Too crowded.......Too many STEPS..........A.N.D.     ....Too rushed. Napoleon's rooms were dark and smelt v.v.dusty.... we found out the Louvre is built on top of the ruins of an old castle...
Bye for Now
Barbara and Merle

Monday, September 19, 2011

Paris 2

Strange (quaint?) loo inside a souvenir shop on Rue de Rivoli.......You stood on the feet shapes and seat!!

Tuilliries   Garden  looking to Notre Dame

House being held together by wire netting 

St Joan de Arc

Will show the inside of the Louvre next post
Bye from Barbara and Merle

paris 1

We got to Paris a night early and were a little rested...not like the rest of the group.
these 2 are typical street scenes

Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower

Musee de Louvre

Notre Dam


Afew pics from the Paris city tour.... The Louvre is fabulous but too many stairs and TOO hot inside..hundreds of people.Tred to see the Mona Lisa (as one does) but too crowded to get close for a pic.
Bye from Barbara and Merle

Hotel in Seoul

Just a few pics from Seoul
We were only here overnight and the hotel is the Airport Hotel (Hyatt Regency) and was quite lovely.

Bye from Barb and Merle