Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodbye SAD.....Hello SPRING

Hello all,
I hope everyone had a good couple of weeks.
I've had a busy time lately.
I've done my Spring Cleaning and the house is fresh and the curtains have lost their winter mustiness. I don't like winter when the house has to be closed up day and night and the heaters are on most of the time.I get caustrophobic and S.A.D. kicks in and I make life miserable for everyone.  Give me open doors and windows !!!!!!  Fresh Air!!!!!!

Sooo I'm one happy lady ..........
Fresh House...
Blossoms on the Plum Tree....
Clothes drying on the line in the Sun......
Smokey the Cockatiel sitting on eggs in the aviary.........
The May hedge covered in buds ready to bloom........

It's  SPRING  Thank you Lord.

Joining with
Trish at LACE
Dayle at Simple Pleasures

God Bless
 Barb from Australia

Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a nice week.
I have been busy finalising the arrangements for  my holiday in France and getting ready to Spring Clean the House.
I love Spring and Autumn.

My Simple Pleasure this week is that my dog, Kyton, has decided it's getting too hot to sleep in his bed and has started to sleep on my chair in the back room.
Isn't he a cutie???????     Love my dog!!!    If he didn't shed constantly, he'd be perfect....

Joining with Dayle at Simple pleasures

God Bless
Barb from Australia


Good Morning All,

Just a note to say "It's Spring Cleaning Time" at my house even though Spring is still a few weeks away.

The weather is warm and trees and flowers are budding.
The birds are getting frisky.
And, if it feels like Spring, looks like Spring, sounds like Spring then I  think it must be Spring!!!!

Sooo 'Hi Ho, Hi Ho',( bring on the cleaning tools) 'it's off to work we go
I like Spring Cleaning because when I start moving furniture around and washing curtains ......I usually get inspired to change the decor and layout of the rooms (much to the dismay of Mum and Hubby)

This year is special because in 1 months time I leave for a four week holiday in France with my friend Merle,leaving  Mum and Hubby here -- my sisters have said they will spend time with Mum, whether here or at their places is still to be decided by Mum and them ---Exciting times ahead ----

I was thinking of making lists of what is in the cupboards as I clean them out one by one.
That way I'll know what to buy to stock up again, (now that does sound like fun)--
Notes for where the brooms are kept, and the dust-pan and brush as well.
and especially the toilet brush and cleaner, ( so the loos won't show and tell)
I'll leave Birthday cards all written out, stamped and ready for Hubby to post,
when he goes down the Mall for coffee -- (that's what he likes to do the most)
He and Mum must cook and eat green and orange vegetables every night--
-- maybe another list is needed so that they keep their Warfarin levels right---??
Look-- enough of this waffling on, I need to start my Spring Clean  TODAY,
And so I won't be distracted------- I've already packed my bags to go away!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice week everyone
God Bless Barb from Australia

Joining with Trish at LACE

Thursday, August 4, 2011

buttons galore

Hello Fellow Bloggers,
I decided to change the buttons on a couple of cardigans this week to give them a fresh up-to-date look.
I emptied the contents of my button jars onto the dining table and was sorting out suitable colours when it occured to me that buttons are facinating objects.

Some are old and some just old fashioned

Some are big and bold (as you can see from the size of the egg), and hand made and painted

Some buttons are fabric covered, some metalic and some shaped like little red flowers, but mostly buttons come in all the beautiful colours of the rainbow and in any shape and size you may imagine.

I love the way I can change the look of clothing and accesries just by changing or adding buttons of different sizes and colours. Thread them on elastic  and you can make jewellery.
                                        ...... BUTTONS,  BEAUTIFUL  BUTTONS....
Joiningwith Trish at LACE besause buttons are Lovely
                                               and ,dare I say ,Entertaining

Joiing with Dayle at Simple Pleasures because buttons are Simlpe things,
                                                             and I had a lot of Pleasure putting this post together....

God Bless
Barb from Australia