Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Visit to Gwens

Hello World,
At the begining of June ,Mum,Kevin and I went to visit my sister Gwen at a little place called Coomba Park. This is a small village on the shores of The Myall Lakes on the Central Coast of New South Wales, north of Sydney. It takes about 4 1/2 hours to drive from our place to her place.
We went to look at her late Father-in-Law's car with the idea of buying it.
We went up by coach ..... which actually is an hour longer than by car........because we hoped to come home by car.  It was a nice trip -- I slept . Kevin and Mum said they enjoyed the scenery.
We left Sydney about 1.30 in the afternoon and arrived at the Coomba Road bus stop at 6.50 in the evening. Gwen's husband was there to meet us and drive us another 30mins to their place

We enjoyed our few days away ---and yes we bought the car !!

WE sold our station wagon to our grandson, who needed a bigger car for his growing family.

This car is smaller and has no roof bars or tow bar.  We have officially informed family and friends that we are out of the movin business and if they want anything moved to talk with our son who has a trailer, or our grand son who has our old car complete with tow bar and roof racks.

                                                          Section of Gwen's garden

Kangaroos in the paddocks behind the house. Anything growing too close to the fence gets eaten by the 'roos and the feral deer. There are hundreds of Kangaroos in and around the village area.

Early morning Rainbow.. it was a lovely suprise to see this rainbow from the back of Gwen's house We all enjoyed the trip home in our new car. It's a lovely car -- just the right size for the three of us!!!

HHope you all enjoyed hearing abooout our trip
Bye for now

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tie-dye t-shirt

Hello fellow LACE people,
Hope everyone had a good week!!
My grand-daughter Lisa had a theme party to go to last week ----- the theme was 'hippie' and she wanted to wear tie-dyed clothes.  She couldn't find any ---- so she asked me if I could help her dye some T-shirts.
I said I would supervise her doing the dying ---- she was excited and happy about that.  (btw she's 20yo)

First we prepared the T-shirts....  we wanted circles and stripes....
We got out the elastic bands and started pouching sections of the material and putting the bands on the sections......

We next perpared the dye baths.....we used 5separate colours

By dipping the pouched areas only in the different dyes  she achieved circles

After taking the elastic bands off this is what one t-shirt looked like

Lisa did the other shirt by making a 'sausage' and putting the bands dwn the length of the shirt
She then bent the shirt in a 'u' shape at each band -------and dipped each band into a different colour

This is the result...........

Lisa was verry thrilled with the results !!!!!!!

This is Lisa wearing one shirt to the party and showing off the other shirt..
Her friends were impressed that she had done the tie-dying herself

It was  good to be able to pass a skill on to another grand-child
We both enjoyed ourselves immensely.....

Thanks for sharing our fun afternoon
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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Monday, June 20, 2011

morning sun

Good Morning World,
This is the early morning Winter Sun coming in on my front verandah ----  doesn't it look inviting?????
Don't be fooled!!!     ----   It is Bitterly Cold  ------  still, there is nothing like the sun to make you feel good.

Have a lovely day everyone,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bread and cheese knives

Hello everyone,
After reading Trish's post this week, Ithought I'd share my favourite op-shop find.

Many years ago, (sounds like the beginning of a good story doesn't it?  like 'once upon a time') --- but I digress.

About 20 years ago I found this facinating fish in a second hand shop

When I discovered the 'ends' were knives, I just had to have it.
One knife is a bread knife and the other is a cheese knife...their association with fish is a mystery to me.

I have no information about it at all. I just love it.
It is made of wood and the fittings are brass..It looks like it is covered with paper and lacquered.

I paid $20 Australian for my fish all those years ago and considering the interest people have shown in it, I think it was money well spent. No one has seen anything like it before.

Hope you like my 'Treasure'

Joining Trish at LACE 
God Bless
Bar from Australia

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my mum - my hero

Hello everyone,
Apologies for not posting last week, I was sick.  Not to worry, I'm here today.

today I'd like to talk about my Mum (again)

At 94, Mum still has a sense of adventure --- she'll try new foods,new coffee,buy the latest Millers tops, and ,   colour her hair!!!!!!
After living with the new look for a day Mum decided she didn't like the colour after all  ... SO....  she washed the colour out and went back to her snowey white hair.
Isn't rub-in-wash-out temporary colour mousee wonderful????

I hope when I get to Mum's age I have a sense of adventure and the get-up-and-go that she has....
She's a brave lady!!!

I hope you all have a lovely week,
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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