Friday, March 25, 2011

Bingo in the Mall

Hi everyone,
Mum and I went to free Bingo in the Mall this morning and Mum won some K Mart vouchers.........she was so thrilled.We also won a calico bag full of bread from Bakers Delight.
My simple pleasure this week is the happy look on mums face when she wins something at Bingo.
We go to bingo at the club most Mondays and to the mall bingo when it's on on the last Friday of every month. This is Mum's social life and a win makes it special for her.  Good on ya Mum!!!
God Bless
Barb from Australia
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Communion Clothes

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a good week.
My eldest daughter rang me this week and arranged to visit me the weekend before Easter. She will be bringing the three grand children up from the farm so we can take them shopping for Communion Clothes. This is something my husband and I have done for all our grandkids.Our special present to support them on their spiritual journey.
I am so looking forward to this..we've never bought boys suits before ....only white dresses. Should be fun.
God Bless
Barb from Australia
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Thursday, March 17, 2011


This week I have enjoyed some puzzles...
I like solving crossword puzzles and I hadn't done any for a while.....soo .....this week I indulged myself and attempted to solve three puzzles.
I actually solved two of them.......two out of three .....not bad!!
I also had a puzzle of a different kind happen to me.
Let me explain
We went to Bingo on Monday and after we got home I was having a cup of tea, relaxing, looking out of the kitchen window admiring the flowers on the hedge (as one does)
I glanced away , and when I looked out the window again ...........the flowers were gone --yes gone---like not there any more.
I blinked,looked again,   the flowers were definately gone         What was happening???
Then Kevin came into view with the clippers ......... he was trimming the hedge.
I didn't know he was doing this and he didn't know I was communing with nature.
What timing
We both had a good laugh
My simple pleasure this week is Puzzles...
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Bye for now
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


At the end of this month Mum, Kevin and I are going to visit my sister Trish for a week.
We're verry excited about this because it's the first time in 3 years Mum has said she would like to make the trip.
Trish and her husband have been painting and re-decorating their house,I'm looking forward to seeing her kitchen cupboards now they have painted them white.
We have a dog and we were going to board him out when we go....But a friend of ours has said he would be happy to have him while we go away.We're pleased with this arrangement because Kyton knows our friend and his place well.
My contribution to LACE this week  is to share my apreciation for family and friends
They make life special.
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Bye for now
 God Bless
Barb from Australia

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magic ....Not

Hello World,
Yesterday was our regular Monday Bingo Day. Mum won a tray of lamb chops - she was happy (they are her favourite thing to win). Mum doesn't play the poker machines in Lent , so she joined Merle and I for uchre. A nice day....
We got home about 5pm and the first thing I did was make us all a cuppa........It doesn't matter how many coffees or teas you have when you're out --nothing beats the ones  you make at home  in my opinion............
to 'cut' a long story short ...
There I was,
Sitting with a cup of tea ,
Sipping and relaxing,
Looking out the kitchen window
Admiring the lovely blue flowers on the plumbago hedge
When suddenly they started to DISAPPEAR --- right before my eyes..........
I was suprised at this magic trick

My husband came into view with hedge clippers in hand
He had decided to trim the hedge before tea
No magic ----just Kevin
Hello neat hedge.. which I must say is a good look along our narrow path..
Goodbye flowers......which is a pretty look I would've liked to keep for a little longer....

I'm glad hubby keeps outside looking nice without any prompting from me ....
BUT... there are times when a little less enthusiasm ....................
Love you Darling

Bye for now

Thursday, March 10, 2011

shoe sparkle

White bag with zip trim -- found trim snagged my nails ----sooo   I took off trim and added threaded chain handles I made for the brown bag.

Brown bag with broken handles

Bag with chain handles
Close up of interchangeable handles
Hat and shoes
Hat and shoes with sequin trins

Hello everybody,
I hope you like my fun accessories.
 I enjoyed these little projects and I plan to add beads etc, to some tops next.
My simple pleasure this week is-----SEQUINS-----------
AND the best part was having all the bits and pieces in my craft cupboard already.
Bye for now
God Bless
Barb from Australia
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Friday, March 4, 2011


After going through my clothes and downsizing my wardrobe to a reasonable number of items, I decided to add some sparkle to the clothing I was keeping.

Soooo,out came the the beading needle,sequins and sugar beads and on with the decorating.
I have started with my shoes --- yes shoes. I have some simple canvas flats in various colours and with a little toning sparkle on the front of each shoe I have created up -to-minute style.
Style from my craft shelves.....I love it...........I'm updating tops next.
Bye for now
God Bless
Barb from Australia
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My Washing Machine

I love the sound of my washing machine!
I can do two things at once - if the machine is going
I can do two things at once - if the washing is on the line (or in the dryer)

I don't like housework, but I like the results of cleaning.
When I tidy up and do my chores while the wash is going ,the sound of the machine makes me feel very efficient.

If I knit or blog or play yahtzee with Mum while washing,I feel the house is working and this is bonus time for me.

Wash day is a feel-good day

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Hello everyone at Simple Pleasures,
Last Friday my Mum bought some flower seeds for our planter box outside the kitchen window. I planted them for her that afternoon and by Tuesday some of the seeds had started to sprout.Mum had to stand on tiptoes to see them.Today the plants are taller the sides of the planter box.
My Simple Pleasure this week is Mum's enjoyment in seeing the rapid growth of her seeds and her anticipation for the flowers to come.
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Bye for now
Barb from Australia 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hello world,
Merle and I have made our final choice of hotel in Paris. It is in the Montmartre area not far from Sacre-Coer basillica. Montmartre means "martyr hill". Mont is hill, and the martyr is St. Dennis. This is the hilliest part of Paris(could be a challenge), but we are told there is transport to anywhere in Paris close by.
We have 6 months to get fit and ready for our BIG ADVENTURE.
All arrangements are made and now we can think about "What to pack"---this is the real fun part.
We are very excited!!!!
6 months to think about-- what to take --what to buy--what shoes to wear--should we go casual or dressy--
How delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I now have 6 months to buy all the Kris Kringle presents with a clear mind----

Bye for now