Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello all,
Today,Tues, I unwrapped my hall and lounge room.
I was going to leave the paper up for Mum's birthday in January..but she has said she doesn't want any fuss...and definately no party!!!
Soooo....the decorations for our Christmas get-together and for Lisa's 21st party have been mostly taken down.
I left some tinsel  up and put out some nativities for our quiet Christmas lunch .......just Mum,me and Hubby.

Lisa's lilac flowers...

g o n e .....

Hello books..

and more  books

Trish gave this lovely nativity to Mum
(that's a photo of our parentsn the shelf above)

the suspended nativity is hand blown glass
the next one is translucent (?) and brass wire
the next is hand carved from Peru
the last one is molded glass

this is a print that hangs on our dining room wall
didn't want to take it down sooo..
  I wrapped in  paper and tinsel
I glued on a Christmas Nativity card
and left it on the wall

                                I think I have Christmas all wrapped and unwrapped this year

Have a good week
God Bless
Barb from Australia


  1. You have a beautiful collection of nativities, Barb. I love the thought of a quiet Christmas lunch. Enjoy your family time together.

  2. Haha..Barb, you always have Christmas wrapped up - usually months in advance!
    I love how you keep your pretty nativities out all year!
    They always look so lovely displayed with your other holy statues and prayerbooks :-)
    Thanks for linking to LACE today.
    love and hugs..Trish