Friday, December 9, 2011


I like council clean-ups ... people throw away the most amazing things!!
In our last clean-up I found this broken clock that I realy liked.

I brought the clock case home with me and put it on my front verandah until I decided what to do with it.

I thought about painting it....
or maybe stripping it back and staining it...
or maybe a touch of gilding to highlight the patterns .......

finally,I decided to leave it as it was ....just dust it off and  use it to display some pretty flowers.....

I really like the way this looks.....soft and delicate...and it took no work to good is that!!!

                                                       A  Real  Treasure  Indeed

Have a good week everyone,
God Bless
Barb from Australia
joining Trish at LACE


  1. Hello Barb,
    I'd say that was a treasure to find, indeed! It looks good with the flowers displayed in it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my give-away! Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Barb it looks really fabulous!!
    I think it's good just as it is too!
    Your flowers are lovely displayed in it like that :-)
    What will you do with the clock face?
    I love that vintage yellow/ greenish colour it has faded to.
    Thanks for linking up to LACE today.
    It's overcast and unpredictable here, so I hope everyone has nice weather down there for the weekend!
    love and hugs to all
    xox Trish

  3. Hi Barb, Lovely clock case -- its delicate design is a perfect backdrop for the flowers!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on Saved by Grace!
    Love to you and your family,