Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lyla &Max's Party

Hello all,
We went to a combined birthday party for our g-grandchildren today,and it was terrific!
Lyla tuned three last weekend and her brother Max turned one a few days before that. We didn't have a party for them last weekend because we had a party for our grand-daughter Lisa who turned twenty one..
The littlies mum and dad figured having their party one week late wasn't a problem at their ages.

Miss Lyla, 3

Mr Max  1

Ready for their friends

Bouncing around

Empty chairs

filling up

Mum and Dad  ready to  b.b.q

Giant sausages

Max with Grand-dad

Max with G-Grand-dad

Major fun coming up


Happy Birthday Lyla

Happy Birthday Max

 I couldn't get any good photos of Lyla---- she was so excited she wouldn't stay still long enough

                         I think this photo sums up the afternoon--------a good time was had by all!!!


  1. awe, what a beautiful family! grandchildren, great-grandchildren ... what a blessing!

  2. It's great to see the kids enjoying their party, Barb.
    Looks like Max was right 'into' his cake, lol!
    I can imagine how hard it was to pin Lyla down for a photo - she's so cute but never still :-)