Sunday, December 11, 2011

21st. Update

Hello People,
Only 2 days left to prepare for my grand-daughter's 21st.birthday party on Saturday.......
I've put away the Christmas decorations inside the house,ready for the birthday...but.. so far nothing is happining!!
My daughter has been sick and is only now able to get around and do things for the party, and I'm on crutches due to inflamation in my knee,so i'm not much help to her.
I'm sure it will all come together beautifully!!!!!
Looking forward to Saturday.........

Well, it's  Sunday and I am reporting that the party was a success!!
My Daughter and her girls called in Thurs evening and put up some lilac flowers in my hall  and bottles of drinks in the fridge...........and.......that was it
'till Sat. morning....
when they decended on us with ....
mountains of food
inflated numbers 2 &1
helium bottle
more drinks
peanuts chips ..I'm sure you get the picture...
Uncle Ken made  fried rice
Aunty Sue brought a cheese and fruit platter....... perfect 21st birthday party.....Happy 21st Lisa

Aunty Therese

Story board of  Lisa's life

G-Grandmother Mavis and G-Aunty Joan

her sister Christine

cake made by Aunty Krista

Lisa cutting her cake

the party's over
                                                      And a wonderful time was had by all

Thanks for visiting
God Bless
Barb from Australia 

1 comment:

  1. Great party pics :-)
    But where did those 21 years fly to, Barb !?!
    Seems like yesterday Lisa was still just a sweet and tiny babe!lol!
    She's grown into a gorgeous young woman who we all love very much and are very proud of :-)
    Happy Birthday Lisa!!
    love..G-Aunty Trish