Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our get together

Hello everybody,
We had our annual Family Christmas Get-together on the 26th Nov --- and it was a great success!!!

 The hit of the day was a box of cute baby ducklings that was a Kris Kringle / Secret Santa gift to go to my daughter's farm. Everybody had a nurse and a pat......

Here are some photos  from the day......taken on my camera by some grandchildren......and in no particular order.....

my daughter-in-law made this beautiful cake

my eldest daughter trying hard to get her grandson, Max, to smile

fluffy ducklings

nice crowd scene

happy family

happy chidren

getting ready for the gift giving

Max enjoying his pressie hat tie
Happy  Happy  Happy

I hope you enjoyed these little peeps of our get-together
I hope you all have a good week
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Joining with Trish at LACE 


  1. Looks like lots of fun..
    Love hubbies tie, did it work for him?
    Blessing to you dear friend.

  2. Well the ducks were so adorable - if they were up for grabs I would've brought one home myself lol!
    The day was beautiful, Barb!
    You did such a wonderful job with everything - as usual :-)
    And the blessing of us being all together again was really precious!! surely one of the loveliest ideas the Lord ever had!!
    love you lots!
    Trish xox

  3. Hi Barb,
    Looks liked a lovely celebration! Thanks for giving us an early dose of Christmas spirit!
    Thanks so much also for visiting and commenting on Saved by Grace.
    Your blog is a blessing and I am now following it, and I invite you to follow Saved by Grace also:
    Laurie Collett

  4. Such a nice family gathering, Barb. Your grandchildren did a great job with the photos. Loved your hat and your hubby's tie! Looks pretty warm there in Australia. Cold here in the desert the 30's in the morning. Burr