Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my garden

Hello Everyone,

Just a few of the blooms in my garden at the moment.....as Spring turns to Summer there should be more

                                                                  Lilac Geranium
                                                               Blue Nodding Violet
                                                                        Iceberg Rose
                                                                      Purple Pansy
                                                                            Yellow Pansy
                                                                 Red Epiphyllum
                                               A pretty weed that grows everywhere in my garden
                                                                    I love this little flower

                  Thank For The Flowers Lord
My garden isn't large or elegant,   it's narrow and in pots,
These pots are in many colours--black,white,yellow and brown.
My garden is plants in shades of green, flowers--they are few,
I like leaves in every shape from thin to heart-shaped or round.
Every pretty flower that blossoms is an extra gift from God,
Reminding me that His beauty is everywhere to be found.

Joining with Trish at Simple Joys

God Bless
Barb from Australia


  1. I am sure your potted garden is lovely, it is so important to have greenery around us isn't it?
    It helps to bring us to a place of life and peace, a great reminder of Gods creation..
    Thank you Barb for your lovely poem and post.
    Hugs Nell

  2. Barb, I've always loved that delicate lilac geranium of yours!
    And the perfume of Icebergs is one of my very favourites.
    I saw some beauties for sale at Bunnings last week - the deep burgundy colour was soooooo dramatic!
    I'm sure you'd love it too!
    I never knew you could get them in that dark shade.

    Your side walkway must be looking lovely today with all these pretty flowers out!
    Will the Plumbago be flowering for our get-together?
    We have a lot of potted plants scattered around the backyard now ourselves.
    I'll send you a photo :-)
    I love your poem - "every little flower is an extra gift from God."
    I agree!!

    Thanks for sharing your flowers for Simple Joys!
    love and {{hugs}}..Trish