Tuesday, October 25, 2011


                                                     I love my handy containers of spoons
                                                     They make me smile every day ---
                                                     'cause when my children were growing up
                                                     Could we find teaspoons ---  no way --
                                                     The tea and the wooden spoons I had
                                                     Were used for feeding the dog and cat
                                                      Or  for playing and digging in the garden
                                                      Or sword fighting out the back..
                                                      Now that they are married and gone
                                                      With young children of their own --
                                                      And talk about their 'missing spoons'                
                                                      I smile -- 'cause MY spoons are safe at home

Spoons are my Simple Joy this week.  Looking at them reminds my of  days long ago and how far in life we've come ----- from children,    to grand children,  to great grand children ----treasured memories and more to come.

Joining with Trish at Simple Joy
God Bless
Barb rfom Australia


  1. LOVE the poem, Barb!!
    And I love my wooden spoons too!
    My poor old favourite broke about a year ago and I'm still missing it :-(
    Lucky for us, we have hubbies who can turn one up for us if need be lol!
    Thanks for linking to Simple Joys today.
    love and hugs..Trish

  2. I never lost spoons with me it forks but that is still happening because it's me who uses them for various odd jobs mostly in the garden.