Wednesday, October 19, 2011

thanks darling

Hello everyone,
It's a beautiful, mild,sunny Spring day here in Sydney,I hope you all are having the best weather for the season wherever you live...
I'm not very computer and camera literate....I can only do the specific things I've been shown. I don't have the memory retention I used to have. These days I take notes.    O.K  I've set the to the story...
When I was away I downloaded pictures from my camera to my computer,I deleted the fuzzy photos and rotated the sideways ones regularly and then cleared the camera card.........all good so far
this meant the camera started numbering from one again ....(repeat numbers = problem) ...Blissfully unaware......feeling good
When I got home I put the photos in folders according to place names.......still good
Hubby showed me how to write on each photo .. Very exciting
But the program used to do this used an alphabetical not cronological system (I may have this wrong ..but the end result was a big mix up of all my photos )  ..... confused
My effort to be competent failed miserably.....I had photos in folders in different places all over the place........I was quite upset
Hubby to the rescue!!!!!!
He helped me sort and re-name (number)each photo by time and date with the aid of the tour itineries.
It was a slow process and reguired a lot of checking and double checking.....the  camera  and computer time was set for Sydney time the dates and times were out.....exhausting

A big Thank You to him..
He was wonderful!!!xxx

More france photos......

God bless
Barb from Australia
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  1. Barb, that sounded like a big hassle yet your dear husband came to your rescue! I'm not good at all at uploading pictures and saving them in folders myself. I get it all confused and then can't find it later. Oh well, it's not my area of expertise. Your pictures are gorgeous. I can surmise that your trip abroad was wonderfully breathtaking!

  2. Barb I LOVE the photos of the Alpine mountains and landscapes - sort of reminds me of home! The colours are lovely and it looks like the weather was nice on that day too.
    So what happened when the restaurant ran out of food - did people go hungry? :(
    That must've been a surprise for everyone lol!
    I know how clever K is with the "tech" stuff - I'm glad he was able to help you get things sorted out ok!
    Thanks for linking up to LACE :-)
    love and big hugs..Trish

  3. Welcome back, Barb! Been gone a while and I can see why! Your landscape photos from your trip are lovely - but I'm partial to landscapes. Seems you had a great time and even though your photo arranging and editing had its ups and downs - you've come out on top! Bravo!

  4. What beautiful pictures you have shared Barb!

    Welcome back :)


  5. Oh, I was anxiously awaiting more pictures of your trip to France. Love the rock also! Interesting that the lunch shop ran out of food. Apparently the food for the day was to be the Feast of the eyes...beautiful landscapes. So glad you had such a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

  6. Love your pictures. technology is pretty complicated at times you have my sympathy.
    Love Nell