Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello Everyone,

This is my friend Merle
having a coffee
in St.Tropez

This is me having
a nice pot of tea
in St.Tropez
Flowers in the streets

Boats from here go to Ste.Maxime.....we went to the was lovely

The colours of the houses were beautiful,  I loved them

                                                                         Along the waterfront

                                                                                                     Getting ready for a Regatta

Flower and Fruit Market
Blue Water.......Blue Sky........Boats.........perfect

More pictures soon
Thanks for your interest
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Joining with Trish

Saturday, October 29, 2011

my Mr. Max

Dec. 2010 to Nov. 2011

Newborn Max and his Daddy Sean
Many,many THANKS to all the wonderful people who joined in prayer for my great-grandson,Max, born 9 weeks early.

He is doing very well ----AND-------should be home from hospital any day now.


We are so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again everyone.......

God Bless                                       

 This was  7th Jan. 2011
Oct. 29  2011

Hello Everyone ----
I have re-posted  my Post from January and I'd like to give an update on this little fellow------

                                                              LOOK  AT MAX  NOW -----

Well....Baby Max will be 1 year old in 10 days time and he is crawling and pulling himself up on the furniture AND he is a healthy little boy..   I.took these photos yesterday----

One verry happy Great Grand-nana saying  "Thank you all again for your Prayers --"

Joining  with Trish at L.A.C.E

God Bless
Barb from Australia

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


                                                     I love my handy containers of spoons
                                                     They make me smile every day ---
                                                     'cause when my children were growing up
                                                     Could we find teaspoons ---  no way --
                                                     The tea and the wooden spoons I had
                                                     Were used for feeding the dog and cat
                                                      Or  for playing and digging in the garden
                                                      Or sword fighting out the back..
                                                      Now that they are married and gone
                                                      With young children of their own --
                                                      And talk about their 'missing spoons'                
                                                      I smile -- 'cause MY spoons are safe at home

Spoons are my Simple Joy this week.  Looking at them reminds my of  days long ago and how far in life we've come ----- from children,    to grand children,  to great grand children ----treasured memories and more to come.

Joining with Trish at Simple Joy
God Bless
Barb rfom Australia

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mum's Mug

I thought I'd share my Mum's mug dilema today.
Mum was finding she could only drink half a mug of coffee from her usual mug.
She thought she would keep her eye out for a nice medium sized cup

Yesterday I saw the perfect solution

An English Bone China Palace Mug

The old and the new

Mum says the new mug holds the perfect amount of coffee for her.

An English Bone China Palace Mug........
A mug that looks and feels like a cup.........
How good is that!!!!!

God Bless
Barb from Australia

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

thanks darling

Hello everyone,
It's a beautiful, mild,sunny Spring day here in Sydney,I hope you all are having the best weather for the season wherever you live...
I'm not very computer and camera literate....I can only do the specific things I've been shown. I don't have the memory retention I used to have. These days I take notes.    O.K  I've set the to the story...
When I was away I downloaded pictures from my camera to my computer,I deleted the fuzzy photos and rotated the sideways ones regularly and then cleared the camera card.........all good so far
this meant the camera started numbering from one again ....(repeat numbers = problem) ...Blissfully unaware......feeling good
When I got home I put the photos in folders according to place names.......still good
Hubby showed me how to write on each photo .. Very exciting
But the program used to do this used an alphabetical not cronological system (I may have this wrong ..but the end result was a big mix up of all my photos )  ..... confused
My effort to be competent failed miserably.....I had photos in folders in different places all over the place........I was quite upset
Hubby to the rescue!!!!!!
He helped me sort and re-name (number)each photo by time and date with the aid of the tour itineries.
It was a slow process and reguired a lot of checking and double checking.....the  camera  and computer time was set for Sydney time the dates and times were out.....exhausting

A big Thank You to him..
He was wonderful!!!xxx

More france photos......

God bless
Barb from Australia
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hello Blog Friends,
I have had  a wonderful holiday in France!!!
My friend Merle and I had a fabulous time doing 2 tours in France. It is quite hectic going on coach tours as you're on the go trying to see as much as you can every day. The tour director gives you so much information  (it's like going back to school----without the exams), you really need to take notes. We especially enjoyed spending 6 days on our own..between the in the Montmartre area of Paris. We did a lot of exploring on foot and found some interesting cafe/bars/eating places.
The weather was hotter than expected and I had packed too many heavier clothes......Soooo..... I discarded some and cut the sleeves off some and shortened the legs on others ......and donated a heavy medium sized  case to the hotel in Montmartre. It was easier going after that. I was so pleased I had taken a hat...This September was the hottest on record for 25 years in france.
My favourite photo from Paris 

Sacre Coeur Basilica

Gateway to house

In the Montmartre Village artist's square

a view of Paris from Sacre Coeur
Me in the hotel courtyard

Paris was full of flowers,mainly geraniums,and looked beautiful with hanging baskets and window boxes in bloom everywhere.

I will post more photos if you all don't get bored with my ramblings
I hope evryone is well and healthy
God Bless
Barb from Australia        linking with Trish at L.A.C.E