Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paris 3

The main foyer at the Louvre with the upside down glass pyramid
The Venus de Milo

Was tring for the Mona Lisa....but TOO many people so I took  a photo of this painting of the Virgin Mary with Jesus and John the Baptist


Napoleon and Josephine's appartment   ... Sitting Room

Formal Dining Room


End of visit and we were SOOO glad to find a chair. I think I was more exausted than Merle and I wouldnt have my photo taken. Merle is the lady with the Halo...we were both glad we did the Louvre, but never again.....Too hot....Too crowded.......Too many STEPS..........A.N.D.     ....Too rushed. Napoleon's rooms were dark and smelt v.v.dusty.... we found out the Louvre is built on top of the ruins of an old castle...
Bye for Now
Barbara and Merle

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  1. Oh dear, poor Merle does a bit hot and tired!!
    I hope tomorrow brings some more restful sight-seeing for you Barb!
    Napoleon's rooms are so ornate.
    The painting of Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist is beautiful - what an amazing frame it has too!
    love T xox