Monday, September 19, 2011

Paris 2

Strange (quaint?) loo inside a souvenir shop on Rue de Rivoli.......You stood on the feet shapes and seat!!

Tuilliries   Garden  looking to Notre Dame

House being held together by wire netting 

St Joan de Arc

Will show the inside of the Louvre next post
Bye from Barbara and Merle


  1. Wow - Parisians must have incredibly good balance :-o
    The photos are great, Barb!
    I'm sure you must be surrounded by beautiful buildings over there.
    Is Paris as wonderful as you imagined it to be?
    What french delicacies have you eaten so far?
    Are the bakeries hard to resist lol?!
    I'm so happy for you and Merle - it's a blessing for you to be finally in France after all the waiting!!
    Keep safe.
    love you heaps!
    Trish xox

  2. I was wondering how your trip was going. Thanks for posting these wonderful pics of France. The loo is quite interesting, hey? May you and Merle continue to enjoy your days there in France.

  3. Hello from the Montmarrte area of Paris,
    We are blending in with the locals beautifully.
    Been to the shops and the laundromat and had meals in the local cafes. There are no drinking hotels here....every cafe has a bar and every shop sells alcohol.
    We are having fun!!! Our second tour starts in a few more days...South of France

    The buildings are lovely...most windows have flower boxes filled with hanging geraniams.and all the main streets are lined with flowers.
    Merle had almond croissents filled with almond paste and I've had Tarte Beouf(steak tartre...raw meat) Lovely
    We are resisting the creamy pastries and are buying quiches for tea instead.
    Yes ... it's as lovely as we expected and this time on our own is so enjoyable..
    bye for now
    Barbara and Merle

  4. Hey barb! It sounds like you're having lots of fun - I glad!
    Mum and the mob are here now and we are enjoying lots of laughs :-)
    Great to hear how things are going for you over there - thanks for the update :-D
    lots of love and hugs...T