Friday, September 23, 2011



toll gates


st..joan of  arc in orleons where she was put to death

sign at the place where she was martyred

town lock in orleons

everywhere was cobblestones....hard on your feet

another church

Everything is decorated and ornate...even the houses... and flowers everywhere

Lots of Love
Barbara and Merle


  1. What an exciting time you must be having. thinking of you on your journeying. Thank you for sharing. I have never had a real desire to travel I often admire those that do. Take care blessings NEll

  2. How wonderful!!
    The clock and the church are very beautiful!!
    The cobblestones look so nice but I guess they would be hard on the feet.
    How are your knees holding up?
    Love the shot of the fields too :-)
    Keep safe and make lots of lovely memories while your there, Barb!
    I'm praying that for the both of you.
    Love and hugs..Trish xox