Thursday, September 22, 2011

orientation / or what day is it??

We left on friday 9th Sept.
stayed in Seoul Fri night       Left Seoul for Paris on Sat 10th Sept at 4pm
Arrived in Paris on Sat night at 9.20pm after flying for 11hours.....]

Spent Sun 11th sleeping ..repacking....finding somewhere to eat ....meeting the tour people.
Monday 12th toSat 18th we on tour.....
That tour is what I'm blogging about now as we were SOOOO exhausted while on tour that I didn't open the blog.......we had wake-up calls at 6  6-30 am   most days and by the time we had tea each night we just fell in to bed.

At the moment we have 2 1/2 days of our free time left..     we are staying in Montmartre and have eaten, walked and talked with the locals.Good Fun!!!  Everyone is v.nice and friendly....we visited Sacre Coeur, the Artists Square,taken photos of the Moulin Rouge,been to Montmartre cemetery,been to the local supermarket and far we have walked everywhere during this free time.
Today we are venturing further afield and are aiming for Galleries Lafayette a shoping complex that is the next most visited place in Paris after the Louvre.....

Bye for now
Lots of love
Barbara and Merle

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