Friday, August 12, 2011


Good Morning All,

Just a note to say "It's Spring Cleaning Time" at my house even though Spring is still a few weeks away.

The weather is warm and trees and flowers are budding.
The birds are getting frisky.
And, if it feels like Spring, looks like Spring, sounds like Spring then I  think it must be Spring!!!!

Sooo 'Hi Ho, Hi Ho',( bring on the cleaning tools) 'it's off to work we go
I like Spring Cleaning because when I start moving furniture around and washing curtains ......I usually get inspired to change the decor and layout of the rooms (much to the dismay of Mum and Hubby)

This year is special because in 1 months time I leave for a four week holiday in France with my friend Merle,leaving  Mum and Hubby here -- my sisters have said they will spend time with Mum, whether here or at their places is still to be decided by Mum and them ---Exciting times ahead ----

I was thinking of making lists of what is in the cupboards as I clean them out one by one.
That way I'll know what to buy to stock up again, (now that does sound like fun)--
Notes for where the brooms are kept, and the dust-pan and brush as well.
and especially the toilet brush and cleaner, ( so the loos won't show and tell)
I'll leave Birthday cards all written out, stamped and ready for Hubby to post,
when he goes down the Mall for coffee -- (that's what he likes to do the most)
He and Mum must cook and eat green and orange vegetables every night--
-- maybe another list is needed so that they keep their Warfarin levels right---??
Look-- enough of this waffling on, I need to start my Spring Clean  TODAY,
And so I won't be distracted------- I've already packed my bags to go away!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice week everyone
God Bless Barb from Australia

Joining with Trish at LACE


  1. It's getting close now Barb!!
    You deserve to be excited :-)
    I'm sure you will have everything organised before your trip and Mum and Kevin will be fine.
    I'm looking forward to the coming weeks :-D
    I think you've done really well to have your bags sorted and packed already.
    I mean.. it's not as if you're actually KEEN to go to PARIS!! ;-D
    Spring cleaning is on my agenda too!
    Thanks for linking up- love and hugs to all..Trish

  2. Hi Barb, How exciting that you will be vacationing in France with a friend. I'm sure that you will be taking lots of photos and will share them with us when you return. Enjoy!
    I do the same with greeting cards...make them out ahead and my husband takes them to the post office on the day I mark on the card. My hubby also makes a coffee run at the same time.
    There is such a sense of accomplishment in having everything organized and refreshened up for the next season. Here in the US we will be moving into Fall, and I look forward to the changing of decor also.
    I so enjoyed your post! Happy spring cleaning!