Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodbye SAD.....Hello SPRING

Hello all,
I hope everyone had a good couple of weeks.
I've had a busy time lately.
I've done my Spring Cleaning and the house is fresh and the curtains have lost their winter mustiness. I don't like winter when the house has to be closed up day and night and the heaters are on most of the time.I get caustrophobic and S.A.D. kicks in and I make life miserable for everyone.  Give me open doors and windows !!!!!!  Fresh Air!!!!!!

Sooo I'm one happy lady ..........
Fresh House...
Blossoms on the Plum Tree....
Clothes drying on the line in the Sun......
Smokey the Cockatiel sitting on eggs in the aviary.........
The May hedge covered in buds ready to bloom........

It's  SPRING  Thank you Lord.

Joining with
Trish at LACE
Dayle at Simple Pleasures

God Bless
 Barb from Australia


  1. I am also waiting for the open doors and windows this fall, but will still have to wait for the weather to cool down here in the Arizona desert--112 degrees today. We have had record highs this summer. Sounds so cool and lovely there in Austrailia...enjoy your Spring, Nell!

  2. How lovely for you to have your windows and doors open and your home spring cleaned. I am also waiting for our fall weather so I can turn off the air conditioner and open windows.


  3. It's so nice to see the sun isn't it, Barb!
    We are both enjoying the washing line this week lol!
    I bet your plum tree is looking beautiful :-)
    I just wish the pretty fruit tree blossoms lasted a bit longer!
    Spring is with us-that's for sure!
    Thanks for linking up today.
    love and hugs..Trish

  4. Yes! Open the doors and windows and let the sun shine in! Wishing you a glorious spring, Barb.

  5. Spring is a wonderful time isn't it. Thankfully our winter days are often lovely and warmish outside.

  6. We're getting ready for autumn, you're getting ready for spring. And here we are connected through technology and it all seems like a full circle. Small world after all.

    Thanks for stopping by, Barb. Glad you liked the leaves. Since you're getting ready for spring, I would so recommend framing herbs. Some of them are so pretty.

    You put an instant smile on my face when I read your favorite movie. ;) That Bueller's just too funny. Never gets old.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I love the fact that you live in Australia and I live in the Pacific Northwest of the US.
    Summer is ending for us and it's just beginning for you.
    Love that!
    Only in the blog world would I get to know someone so far away.

    I really appreciate your comments.

  8. Good evening Barb!
    .... I'm SO glad you stopped by earlier, so I've had an opportunity to meet YOU :)
    My head "knows" you're coming out of winter, and still, I struggle to comprehend.
    Isn't ours a WONDER-full world of contrast -- and, at the same time, togetherness? My goodness, I love blog-land!

  9. Spring sounds awesome but fall is my favorite season and I'm looking forward to the crisp mornings, falling leaves and cinnamon candles. THEN I want spring,skipping winter all together. Ha...