Thursday, August 4, 2011

buttons galore

Hello Fellow Bloggers,
I decided to change the buttons on a couple of cardigans this week to give them a fresh up-to-date look.
I emptied the contents of my button jars onto the dining table and was sorting out suitable colours when it occured to me that buttons are facinating objects.

Some are old and some just old fashioned

Some are big and bold (as you can see from the size of the egg), and hand made and painted

Some buttons are fabric covered, some metalic and some shaped like little red flowers, but mostly buttons come in all the beautiful colours of the rainbow and in any shape and size you may imagine.

I love the way I can change the look of clothing and accesries just by changing or adding buttons of different sizes and colours. Thread them on elastic  and you can make jewellery.
                                        ...... BUTTONS,  BEAUTIFUL  BUTTONS....
Joiningwith Trish at LACE besause buttons are Lovely
                                               and ,dare I say ,Entertaining

Joiing with Dayle at Simple Pleasures because buttons are Simlpe things,
                                                             and I had a lot of Pleasure putting this post together....

God Bless
Barb from Australia


  1. Barb - I love buttons, too! Each one an individual work of art designed ON PURPOSE by someone. We take them for granted. But, just God designed each one of us individually - a work of art - so too the button is to be celebrated!
    Thanks for sharing today!

  2. what a neat idea....buttons are so simple...yet changing them on a piece of clothing can really change the look...

  3. I have a tin full of buttons too. I never throw spare or old buttons away. I never do anything with them but I just can't throw them away either!

  4. Hi Barb,
    wow, you have quite the button stash, I love buttons too, they are just so neat, and I just love all the neat shapes and textures and gloss of them. Have to say I don't do a lot with them, oh,
    I have changed or sewn a few in my day, but I just can't throw one out either!! Funny.........
    Blessings, Nellie
    Also thanks for coming by and hope you have
    sweet strawberry and banana waffle dreams!! lol

  5. You have quite a collection of interesting buttons Barb.

  6. Wow Barb, they all look great spread out on the table like that!
    I've always liked your button jars, but this shows the details better :-)
    What will you use those huge black and white ones for?
    Are you surprised to hear that I also have a small button collection that I don't do anything with - seems like a common trait amongst us lol!
    This was a great post for LACE.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful buttons with us :-)
    LOVE AND HUGS..Trish

  7. I agree, Barb. My mom has a wonderful button box that was given to her when she got married. Back then, folks were so much better at saving buttons. I find them to be beautiful, and if you think about it, they almost tell a story.

  8. I'm a button collector of sorts. I love how they look in old jars.

  9. I just recently bought some lovely shell buttons on clearance for 4 buttons for .50 cents! Great deal!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog today! Most of my dust bunnies are dog related as well! Yikes!