Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kitchen Gifts

Good Morning All,
This week I thought I'd share my brother-in -law's orchids with you.

He has been growing prize winning orchids for many years now and often gives me a spray for my kitchen. I love all flowers but orchids are a favourite because they last so long. I've had this spray for three weeks now and it's showing no signs of wilting yet.....pretty good eh!!!!

  I have used my favourite kitchen vase to display them old pickled turnip jar given to me by my son.....I love the colours on the label. I mostly have parsley and mint in it but the orchid was a perfect match with the label.

In the orchid house

...... there will be a lot more colours and types flowering as we get into spring and summer.

Joining with Trish at LACE   and Dayle at Simple Pleasures

Have a lovely week everyone...
God Bless
Barb from Australia


  1. Hi Barb,
    The orchids really are beautiful! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your visit and nice comment. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. Barb what a lovely gift - they are gorgeous!!
    I know he's pretty clever when it comes to orchids.
    I love them all but that delicate mauve one is just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing some prettiness with us for LACE this week :-)
    love and hugs..Trish
    ps LOVE that pickle jar!

  3. Orchids are lovely flowers aren't they Barb.

  4. Beautiful! And I especially love that you have placed them in that old pickle jar. Have a wonderful day! Tammy

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love orchids, but the one time I tried to keep one alive, I failed miserably. I'm content to enjoy the fruit of other people's labor.

  6. Green thumb, that what it takes and he sure does have one.

  7. Barb, these are fantastic! I adore orchids and fell in love with a blue one earlier this year. I'd never seen a blue one. I hope you'll share more orchids as the season progresses.

  8. So beautiful, Barb. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Barb...they are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing such beauty :)


  10. Hi Barb,
    The Orchids are beautiful, I had no idea a bloom would last so long, amazing!!

  11. Those orchids are simply beautiful! I love flowers too! :)

  12. Well, these beauties have got my roses beat by a long shot. :) They're gorgeous. Unfortunately, I have tried and tried to grow them and never have much success. They don't bloom again. My mom, on the other hand, can make a silk plant bloom. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by, Barb. Don't you just love Simple Pleasure days?
    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. I must admit I am adore orchids. I have three of them and am amazed at how long they bloom for.

  14. Oops, silly me put an extra am in there.

  15. My daughter's favorite flower! Those are beautiful. We've tried growing them, but it's next to impossible to keep them alive. Blame it on my brown thumb. :(

  16. Beautiful orchids. Perfect for Weekendflowers. If you like join us. :) You are warmly invited. LG Tina

  17. Flowers are such simple pleasures , yours and mine both. thanks for leaving nice comment. following you.