Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Visit to Gwens

Hello World,
At the begining of June ,Mum,Kevin and I went to visit my sister Gwen at a little place called Coomba Park. This is a small village on the shores of The Myall Lakes on the Central Coast of New South Wales, north of Sydney. It takes about 4 1/2 hours to drive from our place to her place.
We went to look at her late Father-in-Law's car with the idea of buying it.
We went up by coach ..... which actually is an hour longer than by car........because we hoped to come home by car.  It was a nice trip -- I slept . Kevin and Mum said they enjoyed the scenery.
We left Sydney about 1.30 in the afternoon and arrived at the Coomba Road bus stop at 6.50 in the evening. Gwen's husband was there to meet us and drive us another 30mins to their place

We enjoyed our few days away ---and yes we bought the car !!

WE sold our station wagon to our grandson, who needed a bigger car for his growing family.

This car is smaller and has no roof bars or tow bar.  We have officially informed family and friends that we are out of the movin business and if they want anything moved to talk with our son who has a trailer, or our grand son who has our old car complete with tow bar and roof racks.

                                                          Section of Gwen's garden

Kangaroos in the paddocks behind the house. Anything growing too close to the fence gets eaten by the 'roos and the feral deer. There are hundreds of Kangaroos in and around the village area.

Early morning Rainbow.. it was a lovely suprise to see this rainbow from the back of Gwen's house We all enjoyed the trip home in our new car. It's a lovely car -- just the right size for the three of us!!!

HHope you all enjoyed hearing abooout our trip
Bye for now


  1. Hi Barb, it is lovely getting a new car and your pictures of Gwen's garden and the roo's are beautiful. I have had the pleasure of also visiting your sister. When I visited my Dad in a nearby town..
    I think you are wise to tell your family your moving days are over.. they are now big enough to move themselves..
    Love to you and your family.

  2. Wow Barb!
    It'll be so nice for you all to drive around in that lovely car!
    The photos are great too.
    It's lovely up at Gwens isn't it?!
    The roos at the fence are cute :-)