Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tie-dye t-shirt

Hello fellow LACE people,
Hope everyone had a good week!!
My grand-daughter Lisa had a theme party to go to last week ----- the theme was 'hippie' and she wanted to wear tie-dyed clothes.  She couldn't find any ---- so she asked me if I could help her dye some T-shirts.
I said I would supervise her doing the dying ---- she was excited and happy about that.  (btw she's 20yo)

First we prepared the T-shirts....  we wanted circles and stripes....
We got out the elastic bands and started pouching sections of the material and putting the bands on the sections......

We next perpared the dye baths.....we used 5separate colours

By dipping the pouched areas only in the different dyes  she achieved circles

After taking the elastic bands off this is what one t-shirt looked like

Lisa did the other shirt by making a 'sausage' and putting the bands dwn the length of the shirt
She then bent the shirt in a 'u' shape at each band -------and dipped each band into a different colour

This is the result...........

Lisa was verry thrilled with the results !!!!!!!

This is Lisa wearing one shirt to the party and showing off the other shirt..
Her friends were impressed that she had done the tie-dying herself

It was  good to be able to pass a skill on to another grand-child
We both enjoyed ourselves immensely.....

Thanks for sharing our fun afternoon
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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  1. Hard work passing skills on to my grand kids.

  2. See I now know how to make comments now just have to prove I'm not a robot.

  3. I made 2 comments what happened to the other one.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us.. always wondered how this was done.. I am a little to young to be a hippy.. What did you use for the dye?

  5. Hi Merle,glad to get your comments == keep up the good work....

  6. Hi Nell,
    Lisa bought powdered dye from Spotlight. I'm happy you liked what she did -- it was fun.

  7. I made tie-dye shirts a LONG time ago at camp, haha! It is nice that you are there for your granddaughter.

    ~Mrs. Q

  8. Those turned out great! Love the stripped one!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! That tea cup and saucer hanger is lovely isn't it? I have had it for about 10 years. Got it at a local store.


  9. Barb this is great!
    It looks like such good fun and the tee-shirts turned out fantastic.
    Well done Lisa, lol
    Thanks for showing us how it's done :-)
    love Trish x