Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my mum - my hero

Hello everyone,
Apologies for not posting last week, I was sick.  Not to worry, I'm here today.

today I'd like to talk about my Mum (again)

At 94, Mum still has a sense of adventure --- she'll try new foods,new coffee,buy the latest Millers tops, and ,   colour her hair!!!!!!
After living with the new look for a day Mum decided she didn't like the colour after all  ... SO....  she washed the colour out and went back to her snowey white hair.
Isn't rub-in-wash-out temporary colour mousee wonderful????

I hope when I get to Mum's age I have a sense of adventure and the get-up-and-go that she has....
She's a brave lady!!!

I hope you all have a lovely week,
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Joining with Trish at L.A.C.E.
and Dayle at Simple Pleasures


  1. Mumma is beautiful no matter the colour of her hair, I am with you Barb 100% I hope that I am as active and brave as your dear mum is at her age, if I am blessed enough to live so long.
    Cherish her every day, you are a blessed woman..
    Nellie Trish's friend

  2. She is lovely, Barb. You are so blesses to still have her with you. My mom woul be prone to adventure to, were she still with us. I wrote about her in my Mother Day blog. Hope you visit. Just look for the I Remember Mama in th sidebar list. How much we owe those spendid creatures! Joy and much LACE to you!
    Miss Kathy

  3. Mum is a fantastic role-model!
    And yes, Barb - she's more adventurous than me, too!
    Good on you Mum!!
    But you know we all LOVE your natural hair the best, and hope to look just like you when we grow up lol!!

  4. Oh this is such a beautiful tribute of a lady that is truly loved by both her daughters - you and Trish! :-D

    What a precious tribute indeed!

    Thank you Barb for stopping by the cottage and leaving such a lovely and encouraging comment.

  5. what a great tribute to a mom who'se impacted you you much.

  6. How beautiful that your mom still knows how to enjoy life... those simple pleasures. How lovely that you have her to enjoy too!

  7. It's that adventurous side that keeps her going strong. I know some 40-somethings that could learn a thing or two from your mom. :) Best wishes to all, Tammy

  8. She's perfectly lovely either way! You wouldn't know that she was 94 at all. I agree that I want to have her spunk when I'm that age.

    But then... I have worn the same style and color for years. Apparently, I don't have her spunk at 49!

    This was a great simple pleasure. I missed last week too. I've missed several lately. I just have been under the weather.

  9. Barb - Your words after visiting my I Remember Mama post touched my heart this morning. I do miss her. She would have loved visiting with you in Australia. She longed to travel and I was so glad she did finally get to England and Scotland - her life long dream.
    Now - question - you have a lovely little photo on the sidebar of a sweet little girl knitting in a vintage hat with your blog name on it. I see those nice buttons or badges (I think that's what they're called) on many sites, but I don't know where they get those wonderful images and how they get their name on them and how they put them on their site and what they're used for. Could you give me a tutorial and perhaps a link to where I could grab some of those images and a button design for myself? Thanks! Joy to you - have fun celebrating Trish's birthday - so nifty you're sisters!

  10. Lovely mum. She looks fantastic at 94!