Monday, June 20, 2011

morning sun

Good Morning World,
This is the early morning Winter Sun coming in on my front verandah ----  doesn't it look inviting?????
Don't be fooled!!!     ----   It is Bitterly Cold  ------  still, there is nothing like the sun to make you feel good.

Have a lovely day everyone,


  1. There was beautiful sunshine shining through my kitchen windows this morning. Nice day today with 20C but storms coming this afternoon, hopefully with a bit of rain as it has been a while.

    You have a great week...

  2. Cold or not - I wish I could at least 'see' some sun today!!
    The wind here is icey and we are supposed to get snow tomorrow :-(
    Well at least it will be brighter and worth looking out the window lol!!
    I guess there's no chance of getting a certain small lady out to sweep your front path today, Barb ;-D
    Just as well really! Hope you're all feeling better today.
    love..Trish x

  3. Its snowing here, beautiful big flakes.. I love the sun picture though I agree it looks very inviting.