Friday, June 17, 2011

Bread and cheese knives

Hello everyone,
After reading Trish's post this week, Ithought I'd share my favourite op-shop find.

Many years ago, (sounds like the beginning of a good story doesn't it?  like 'once upon a time') --- but I digress.

About 20 years ago I found this facinating fish in a second hand shop

When I discovered the 'ends' were knives, I just had to have it.
One knife is a bread knife and the other is a cheese knife...their association with fish is a mystery to me.

I have no information about it at all. I just love it.
It is made of wood and the fittings are brass..It looks like it is covered with paper and lacquered.

I paid $20 Australian for my fish all those years ago and considering the interest people have shown in it, I think it was money well spent. No one has seen anything like it before.

Hope you like my 'Treasure'

Joining Trish at LACE 
God Bless
Bar from Australia


  1. That is a really neat knife...I like things that are beautiful and useful!

    Thanks for your blog visit and your kind comment about Sarah learning to sew!


  2. I've always liked that knife, Barb - and I'm intrigued as to why the fish shape too!
    It is very pretty..and unusual.
    You might have to get an 'expert' to solve the riddle for you one day :-)
    Thanks for linking up to LACE :-D

  3. Hi Barb,
    Just letting you know that when I comment here from the 'lady-loves-lace' url, this is what my picture/profile looks like. In case you get confused and wonder who I am lol!
    love trish