Sunday, May 15, 2011

New from old

Hello World,
this is my latest project
I got tired  of my 20+ yr.old Ugg boots looking  shabby and sad ..... so I decided to re-birth them as Tribal Boots using wool and chain stitch embroidery.  I'm nearly half way through the first boot and I'm thrilled with the results so far.    Maybe I'll get another 20+ years out of them!!!   This is definately a one off project for me . It's a lot of fun doing this .......but......... awkward and time comsuming...........not like embroidering on flat fabric.

bye for now


  1. this is very the colors you put in it.

  2. The ugg boots are looking fantastic Barb.

    You must have plenty of patience, but I can see that they will be worth the effort when they are done.


  3. Good on you Barb!!! lol!
    Brilliant idea :-D
    I'm not at all surprised you came up with such a great solution, haha!