Thursday, May 26, 2011

new car??

Hello World,  We are at an interesting and potentially exciting place right see, Kevin is trying to decide if he is going to buy Gwen's father-in-law's car.

He wants to buy it....he says we can afford to buy's a 5yr old car in perfect condition.......our current car is over18yrs old and looks like it's ready to fall apart...........I think 'no contest--buy the car'........but Kevin won't make that final commitment Thursday, Mum Kevin and I are going to Gwen and John's to see the car and spend a couple of days with them .
the plan is to   A..  go up by coach and if we buy the car--drive home
  or                 B...get the coach both ways                                                                                         

I think Kevin is enjoying "The Delicious Thrill of 'Will I or Won't I' Buy The Car"

Whatever he decides-- we'll enjoy the visit with Gwen next week
(interesting times -eh!!)

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