Sunday, May 1, 2011

mum's flowers

The balsam seeds I planted for mum are looking very lovely. The flowers were a kind we hadn't seen before, so I looked it up on Google and found out they were 'Impatiens Glandulifera' also known as 'Himalayan Balsam'. ----Next time I plant anything I'll keep the packet so I'll know what it is.----
                          Anyway -- here are some photos--  hope you like them.

The broad lower leaf is a landing platform for bees .
a two-toned flower

                                             This is the planter box from inside the kitchen.

                  I will be saving some seeds for planting next year as the flowers are so unusual.
                                                                   Bye for now


  1. Barb they are really beautiful!
    I see what you mean about the shapes of the petals.
    The two-toned ones remind me of the fushias in my garden - they're the same colours :-)
    They make a great view from the kitchen window.
    I can just imagine sitting at the table and watching the sun on them.
    What a perfect spot for them!
    They'll look lovely against the plumbago flowers too!
    love..Trish xox

  2. Barb,

    These are beautiful flowers. I like the last picture in particular. It reminds me of a mini colorful "flower jungle," ha! :)

    -L. Rose

  3. Beautiful flowers Barb...thank you for stopping by and for the kind comments.