Thursday, May 26, 2011

afternoon tea

Hi Trish,
I read your post today and I think Lady Lily Rose is  very beautiful and elegant and I was wondering if she would do a favour for a special friend of mine.
You see, my friend Miss Margaret Mary has no friends and has seen some hard times. Her wardrobe could do with a makeover and this embarasses her. At heart she is a gentle soul.
Do you think Lady Lily Rose and her friends Lady April and Lady May would be kind enough to invite Miss Margaret Mary to their next afternoon tea?  I'm sure she would appreciate their kindness.
Many thanks,
Barb from Australia

Joining with Trish at L.A.C.E

p.s. Sorry I couldn't rotate Miss Margaret Mary so she is up the right way. B

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  1. Hello Barb,
    I spoke to Lady Lily-Rose this evening and gladly passed on your note to her.
    She is most keen to meet your lovely friend Miss Margaret Mary!
    Please tell her there will be an invitation sent to her very soon to accompany Lady Lily-Rose to Victoria House.
    The ladies are all very excited about making her aquaintance!
    I can tell you that she will be in the kindest company and so should not fret at all about her wardrobe.