Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wedding portrait

Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a good week.
My husband and I were given a very special gift this week,from our friend Merle.
When we were married we didn't get photos of ourselves together on our special day.   (General mix-up of who was taking photos of who ----- lost film ---- you name it -it happened to our photos...)
In 2012 we will be married 50 years and I'm planning a special day.
In preparation for this special anniversary,Merle got photos of my husband and I  taken around the time we were married, and from these she painted this Wedding Picture for us.
                                                A fantastic and generous gift !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                     Thank You Merle.......

Joining with Trish today at L.A.C.E
God Bless
Barb from Ausrtralia


  1. Hi Barb,
    Merle's one clever lady.
    Your painting is wonderful!
    I'm sure you'll find this lovely gift a very special home :-)
    You know, I'd love to have a painting of us some day too..similar story to you!
    Great to have my big sister link up again with L.A.C.E. :-D
    lots of love and hugs..Trish

  2. Oh Barb...What a beautiful picture.

    What precious moments indeed!

    Mrs. M.