Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Travel Wardrobe

/Hello Everyone,   As you may know,I have just spent a week at Trisha's with our Mum and my hubby. Trish was helping me with blogging hints and also gave me some advice on ' What to Pack For France'. This has been a real problem for me as I always overpack.
Because I'm going in September, I was practicing with the Orange autunm weather and sure enough---- I had packed too much  AND  not enough warm things.....Good to know now....
So now I'm back home and I have re-thought my wardrobe and I'm happy with my final choices.
I have 18 pieces of clothing that will combine to make 36 assorted outfits, covering day and night,warm and cold weather and be comfortable for plane travel.
Thanks Orange, thanks Trish.

We had a wonderful holiday with Trish and her husband and family. It was helpful to get Trish's insight on how our mum was doing. A fresh pair of eyes often see things that the one in the situation has overlooked.
( as was the case here)
So once again ---- Thanks for your hospitality and help Trish. Love You Sis !!!!!
Joining with L A C E

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  1. Love you too, big sister!!!
    It was wonderful having you here :-)
    Missing you all :-(
    I think you've got a great packing plan for France. I'm glad I was some help to you, Barb!
    Kiss Mum goodnight for me..
    xox Trish