Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seed to Flower

Hello world,
On the 25th of February this year I planted some balsem seeds for my Mum.We wanted some colour in the planter box outside the kitchen window.
They sprouted in 7days which we thought was really fast......
NOW, 8weeks from planting the seeds, we have FLOWERS......
Mum and I are very pleased with the results of our gardening efforts.
As more and more flowers open, the view through the kitchen window will look more and more beautiful.
What a lovely miracle a seed is !!!!!!
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Joining Trish at L.A.C.E.


  1. it's so amazing what grows from just a simple small seed. Wishing you and your mom a happy Easter.

  2. How precious it is to see a seed grown from something so small and a beauty!

    Mrs. M.

  3. Oh Barb, that's great!!
    I'm happy you and Mum will get to enjoy some flowers from your seeds.
    Make sure K doesn't go pruning them too lol!!
    The other day R saw punnets of flowering daffodils in Bunnings!
    Surely it's the wrong season for them ?!
    But it would be nice to have them now too :-)
    The balsams must be really happy under that window, Barb!
    love and hugs to you and Mum xox T